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Thundercat’s Third Studio Album ‘Drunk’ – Stream It Now

Thundercat Returns With "Show You The Way"

Thundercat’s third studio album Drunk is finally here. It’s a pretty big album with 23-tracks, featuring the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, Pharrell Williams and more. In an interview with FACT, Thundercat talked about the recording process behind “Walk On By”, his collab with Kendrick:

“I had recorded the idea, and a lot of the times I bounce things off of Kenny – ‘Hey, man, check this out’ – no matter if there were lyrics or it was just an idea. I sent him the song with the intent of finding out what he’d think or feel about it, and I forget what point it turned into a song that was gonna be on the album, but he added what he felt went to it.

He was totally into the idea. He’s always been attuned to the messages I’m conveying. He took to it very quickly, and I appreciated him for that. It’s just weird, because I don’t expect anyone to do anything like that for me. It was very difficult for me to process the part where he was very open to it. At the same time, I feel like the song tells a story now because he got involved with it.”

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