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March 2017

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    Get A Dose Of Hardcore Punk With Protester

    Protester is a punk band hailing from Washington, D.C. and they’re pretty hardcore. Their Hide From Reality LP, which they just released on Bandcamp this Thursday, is the stuff adrenaline-fueled punk music is made of. It is 10 tracks of pure rage and fury, no longer than 15 minutes. Take an injection of this and thank us later in the morning. Also leave your thoughts down below.

    1. Dead Inside [02:11]
    2. Fight It Off [01:29]
    3. Never For Me [02:17]
    4. Won’t Back Down [01:26]
    5. Mindless Acceptance [01:44]
    6. Can’t Hang On [01:54]
    7. Transparency [01:35]
    8. Nothing To Me [01:36]
    9. Cheap Disguise [00:58]
    10. Hide From Reality [02:05]

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