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    Lana Del Rey Announces ‘Lust for Life’ Album

    Lana Del Rey returns with a visual announcement of her next project.

    Lana Del Rey released her first bit of music since 2015’s Honeymoon back in February this year with “Love.” Following that release, the “West Coast” singer has unveiled a short teaser for her upcoming album, which is titled Lust for Life.

    In this short, filmed in black and white, Del Rey is secretly living inside of the “H” in the famous Hollywood sign. She tells us how important it is to find the perfect place to make her music. It feels like she is really proud of what she has done.

    “My new record – Lust For Life – is coming soon.”

    Earlier this week, it was revealed that Del Rey had possibly teamed up with the Weeknd for a new song called “Lust for Life.” If you pay close attention, you can see the Weeknd’s logo appearing in this new album trailer. So maybe there’s something to that. You can watch as Del Rey cleverly announces her 5th studio album up above. Leave your thoughts down below.

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