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Rogue Man goes ‘Silent’

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The gift of even exchange

I got my first ever fragrance on valentine’s day, my best friend and I love gifts; however, we don’t have baes(before anything else), or significant others, so we bought each other gifts. We live for even exchange. She got me a Limited Edition of Givenchy Pi EAU de perfume set, and I got her cheetah print UGGS, b’cus she walks really fast.

Did I mention I love gifts, my second gift was a secret-santa gift, an exchange done the right way by friends. Kinda like a Friends-giving. A good friend got me a 3.4 fl OZ of Rogue Man, and I gave another friend an iHome. It wasn’t up to date though b’cus I was struggling at the time. All artists struggle at some point in there lives. Their reward for living the critically exhilarating life is their come up. The difference between the good and bad intent is even exchange. The media is a vital part of a musicians career and they are mean sometimes. However, they do work for drama. The reason I stan for Rihanna is because she claps back(evenly exchanges emotion.)

The three exchanges of Fandom

I find it vital for an artist to give back once their fan base is big enough. Charity, humility and good business are great examples of ways to give back to those who support you everyday. If you do not have an even exchange strategy, your fans will leave you. I’m not sure how a person can support a “wolf.” But you can contain one.

Check out my latest project, a sample of Same Ol’ Mistakes by Rihanna.

Silent R

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