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LANNDS Dazzles with ‘Wide Awake in a Sleepy World EP’


[Album]: Wide Awake in a Sleepy World EP
[Artist]: LANNDS
Overall Grade/Rating: 8.3/10
Production: 8/10
Lyrics: 8/10
Melody: 9/10
Execution: 9/10
Subject Matter: 8/10
Replay Value: 8/10
Fav Songs: Young Years, Wide Awake, Still
Least Fav Songs: Metanoia
Originality: 8/10
Skip or Spin: Spin

Florida-based songwriter Rania Woodard shows a lot of promise as LANNDS.

From the first few seconds of “Still”, LANNDS has peaked your interest. “Still” opens with a unique guitar rhythm and Woodard’s breathy but intentional vocals. The production clearly pushes this song to the next level. Small synth flutters in the transitions on “Still” show the attention to detail in the production. It’s an impressive detail on often missed by young artists.

“Wide Awake” and “Young Years” highlight the songwriting ability of Woodard. You can tell these songs were well written before going into the studio. The skill of combining the production to the songwriting is still developing, but you could hear that growth in “Still”. The sense of songwriting first is a much needed skill in electronic music. When the production takes center stage over the song, the purpose of the song can get lost in flashy sounds. LANNDS avoids this costly error throughout the EP. “Young Years” utilizes the same electric guitar sounds from “Still”, the organic instruments in these songs help develop the production.

“Metanoia” has a lot of subtlety in the production. The vocal work shows that it is one of Woodard’s biggest strengths. Especially in the electronic genre, vocal strength is paramount, Woodard shows she can keep up. Developing the production with her background vocals allow her lead vocal to standout.

Overall, LANNDS shows considerable upside and should improve from song to song. This EP is still very good and enjoyable. Listen to “Young Years” below and get the EP Wide Awake in a Sleepy World on Apple Music and Spotify.

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