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Elliot Moss Creates Another Fascinating Video for “Closedloop”


Elliot Moss continues impress with his music videos with his latest video for “Closedloop”.

Elliot Moss’ music video for his previous single “Without The Lights” went viral, due to it’s impactful story of domestic violence. For the second single off of his upcoming EP, Moss went a different direction. “Closedloop” is another mesmerizing song from Moss, and the video does its best to match that.

The video is shot with a drone and a spotlight in Utah in the middle of the night. The outcome is fascinating. It’s interesting how the landscape and abandoned buildings look almost fake. The way the spotlight illuminates objects in the black of night creates stunning visual detail. Scenes of snow covered landscapes are particularly haunting.

This video allows the viewer to develop their own storyline and what it means to them. While no storyline is easily seen, several ideas and emotions spring up throughout the video. A spotlight usually gives the impression of searching for something, but in this video, every scene comes up empty.

Watch the music video for “Closedloop” below. Check out our story on Elliot Moss’ previous video “Without The Lights” here. Moss will release his new EP Boomerang in April.

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