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Loki & The Realm Of Music: Is Ghost Writing An Illusion?

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My High School Illusion

My high school years were an illusion for me; junior and senior years to be exact. I did not get the same education as my peers, however, I have a feeling it was for a greater purpose. It is commonly known that everyone learns best in different ways, and I learn best immersively. My high school, now named Shortridge IB World School,  featured a program where students like myself had the opportunity to not only learn what it was like to be a college student but also get the immersive learning of a college student.

A select amount of students were chosen to apply, and under went a selection process much like a college admission. The program was a partnership between my high school and Butler University. Each student got to choose 1-2 classes per semester to take along side a high school class schedule, and were placed in a sort of collegiate home room for comfort and ease of learning.

Can You Control The Illusion like Loki?

Loki, from the realm of Asgard, is a very complex being with an intriguing gift; he can control vision. When you think about what he does in its’ simplest form it’s actually a lot more interesting, scientifically. His energy will be a very influential prospect in my creative endeavors next week. Some artists of music create illusions to their audience mimicking Loki, the god-villian.

If you have ghost writers that write about you and your life, you are winning! However, if you buy random lyrics from songwriters, umm’ I don’t think we know who you really are. I guess what I’m trying to say is, there is obviously a difference between good music and bad music. There are also, obviously, known strategies that reflect this contrast; is ghost writing the pendulum? Be honest in your music and you will notice the difference in the energy you put out into the world.

“Oh and by the way, Gossip Guy just hired me. I’ll be sleep, but my voice-over will be “alive” so to say. I just can’t stop turning my lemons into lemonade. Thank you Bey!”

xoxo, Minion 1👀

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