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A Music Artist Is Animalistic By Nature

Colors trigger animal instinct

Whenever I put finger to keyboard, confidence becomes faith, in my perception. I type away blindly with faith that a higher power is on my side for good intent. I become convinced that if I keep at honesty, the crowd will cheer, and since nobody caught the social equality ‘cry for help’ Frank Ocean was hinting at; I’ll explain how any negative bias(connotation) against someone of LGBTQ status, should be considered malice aforethought. You want to eliminate crime? Start from the top of the hierarchy, am I right?

“Crime is a virus, and it’s hacking. Never stray from the op-ed.”

People of power have three lives; public, private, and secret

We now live in a world where persons of wealth and political power can get away with malice aforethought. Malice aforethought is defined as the conscious intent to cause death or great bodily harm to another person before a person commits the crime. The level of crime someone of “secret life” power can commit, and get away with, is far more important than the enforcement of the recreational, or even medical usage of cannabis. Forming a biased perception on a collective group of people, such as the LGBTQ community, in my mind means bad news. It seems to me that if a persons apart of this community doesn’t obey or follow suit of what their boss, local law enforcement wants, they are subject to malice aforethought, and even work-sphere discrimination.

Does your music show your instinctive animal nature?

There’s a bull and a matador dueling in the sky, according to Frank Ocean, someone just doesn’t get it; more over, according to myself, animal instinct and basic instinct are one and the same. What’s the truth about the metaphysical influences on the animal retina? It seems to me basic instinct is the innate instinct of the Animalia kingdom. It is proven that this vocal instinct can be controlled with the help of a vocal coach, and audio engineering, however, a person has to have the innate vocal talent to work up to their full potential. Anyone can learn vocal control, even those that have rather erratic vocals. Rap, is song, is music, is vibration(frequency).

If you check back next week, I’ll explain a little of what soundscape, and, Acoustic ecology means to me, and what it means for music artists. Every artist struggles with wanting to be better. A lesson I learned from years of watching Beyoncé‘s perfected career; you are never perfect until you make yourself perfect. Perfection is time. On a final note, how is sound volume measured, and what is it’s reaction?

“You cannot take command.” -Eli Pope

“You become command.” -Huck

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