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Doeman Takes It Up a Notch With “Level Up”

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Coming off of a series of performances during and after SXSW, Doeman releases a new single called “Level Up.”

Let me tell you something, you’re gonna be upset if you sleep on Doeman while his music is still free. And if you rock with him and you’re not purchasing his music off of iTunes, you’re doing him a disservice.

Doeman, who I’ve written about multiple times (“Doeman Shows Us That It’s Not Just Black and White;” “Top Ten Indie Artists to Watch This Summer”) is consistent in quality and subject matter, and his newest release, “Level Up,” is no different. As one of the artists who I would consider more socially aware and in tune with real life, Doeman doesn’t rap about cars, clothes, and hoes (OK, maybe a couple hoes every now and then), but he consistently raps about what’s going on in his life, in the real world, and in our country.

“Level Up” is a mixing of pride for the rapper – for his Mexican heritage, for how far he’s come in the hip hop game, and for his undeniable skill. The song starts off with a 30-second intro that I can’t help but think was purposeful. It serves as a kind of omen to how hard the rest of the song is gonna hit. The rapper starts off the first verse talking about his promise to care for his goddaughter, which, as hard as this song goes, is pretty damn adorable. The entire first verse covers why and how he’s doing what he does – he’s determined to succeed for himself and for those who support him.

The second verse…well, I wouldn’t wanna be a rapper going up against him. His message is clear: “I’m coming for you, and I WILL win, regardless of what I look like, what you think, or what you do.”

The song serves as a kind of prophesy, in my opinion. We have a lot more to hear from Dodi. Don’t sleep.

(Oh, and F*** Trump, too.)

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