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Listen To Jacob Didas Get ‘Lucid’

Listen To Jacob Didas Get 'Lucid'

Jacob Didas is experimenting in the world of hip-hop.

Jacob Didas is an alternative hip-hop artist who started out playing the piano at 10-years-old and has been classically trained throughout his teen years. To overcome his anxiety, he would turn to music and delve in deep. He found a real genuine love for jazz, as well as rock, R&B, reggae, ska, and hip-hop. His latest project, Lucid, reflects all of these genre-influences. The 10-track album certainly goes all over the place, but in a fun, inventive way. One of the best tracks on the project is “Wagwan.” On a lot of these tracks, Didas definitely has a pretty fast flow.

You can check out Jacob on Soundcloud.

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