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Justine Skye & Her Sensual ‘Flames’

Justine Skye flames for forever 21

Justine Skye X Forever 21

“You keep on coming back to me, I don’t know how to act I don’t know why.”  Justine Skye’s Flames is a total bop. It’s one of those Bey Sting tracks that you play with a group of friends while everyone is getting ready for a weekend outing. The track is a definite confidence booster; I know listening to the track reminds me of my glow up and the moment I finally looked in the mirror and said to myself “you’re actually not bad-looking.”  


“Bring ya camera bae, Ima put some flames on it.”

Lets talk Forever 21; I saw the lawsuit from puma coming. A true artist gets away with stealing ideas; they make them their own. If Forever 21 continues working with Justine Skye they gone bounce right back like some flames on a camera. The music paints the perfect picture of the collection, literally and figuratively. The collection is young, flashy & Grade-A festival-chasing attire. I know I would love a sequel video taking place at an actual festival or alike. The collection and the track are both golden by themselves, but the video puts the glow in the gold.

The video is giving me Kanye ‘Wolves’ feels, but much better. My favorite part was the little mis-step early on in the video. It definitely sets the tone for the collection, and it shows what kind of girls the collection was made for. It’s sort of a mean girl meets white dove look. Bros, If you want your girl bad and boujee, you do not need to be shopping for this collection; it’s not quite the look you’d want to shop for; this collection is more carefree & comfy, and less planned & stuck up. Check out the campaign visual below, and make sure you cop your festival chasing looks at Forever 21.

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