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Scienze Serves Up Every Lady’s Favorite “Kind Of Desert”


[Album]: Kind of Desert
[Artist]: Scienze
Overall Grade/Rating: 8.8/10
Production: 7/10
Lyrics: 8/10
Melody: 9/10
Execution: 9/10
Subject Matter: 9/10
Replay Value: 10/10
Fav Songs: Alarms, Wednesday, Black Spade’s Dream, Coast Guard, Juice & Gin, Bag Full of Hearts
Least Fav Songs: Merlot, Main Course

Originality: 9/10

Cover Art: 9/10

Spin or Skip: Spin

The Low Down: Kind of Desert is more of Scienze’s cathartic poetry and romantic overtones. Listeners become eaves droppers as they vibe through the tracklist that also includes features from the usual gang (Blu, Fresh Daily, Noah, and Johnny U.). “All praises due” is Sci’s entry statement  on the first track “Alarms”  followed by his sweet talking savvy approach he often uses to pick and gain entry into the female psyche (slick ass).

The opening cut gives guys insight on how to get ass by kissing ass. All jokes aside, hiphop has thrown around one too many “bitches” and “hoes.”  Sci’s repertoire maintains it’s freshness due to the current state of affairs in hiphop.  Jansport J. further smooths things over with his rendition of Tevin Campbell’s “Can We Talk” thrown in the production mix.

The eaves dropping begins when “The Side Effect” comes on and “Wednesday” later on. The former is a dialogue about a complicated love triangle (Wait. what love triangle isn’t complicated?). Sci manages to make the whole situation romantically dangerous while he’s on the prowl for a female who has a lot going on in her life relationship wise. All along he’s in the back ground lurking  giving her that “bidness” when she’s not feelin’ her “n—-.”

clearly she’s worth all the trouble as Sci makes a few references to her appearance “body looking whole/ don’t know the HALF I hold you to it/ you know HALF of what you doin’/ you don’t HAVE the slightest clue…” Then later on he makes a similar comment “I mean your body run a MEAN game,” the thirst is real.  “Wednesday” invites listeners back into the closet.

This one begs the question, how many relationships have smartphones ruined since their inception? Fresh  chimes in with a few bars, and shares a text message he received from his boo “a text from her… I slide the screen… this shit wacker than some lima beans.” “Wait! There’s more!”  “Juice &Gin” serves up more of the not so blissful aspects of relationships. Sci introduces us to a wishy-washy type of chick, “you still don’t hit me when you free.” She’s distracted.  He continues to make efforts to meet her half way, infatuation is a killer.

 Black Spade and Geminelle add a special touch, and when the two talents merge on “Coast Guard” it’s magic, baby.  Geminelle’s jazzy vocals make for several memorable moments throughout the album. Particularly on “Geminelle’s Dream” where she gets a whole track to showcase her talent. “Caterpillar” also shines because of her presence, but Spade also gets space to showoff as well. On “Spade’s Dream” Spade provides some dope beats and production, but with a neo-soul twist.

With so much to choose from on Desert Sci’s ambition to make it on every woman’s playlist along with Jill Scott and Beyonce remains evident. Especially on  “I Would Rob A Whole Bank For You” Sci tries harder than ever to win over his female fan base. The most anchoring lines of them,  Sci starts off with “hands warm from the hearts you done stole queen/you turn these kings into dogs every-time though/just side-effect of a woman on her grind,g… they not used to all that power that you walk with.”

Despite the “I’m Every Woman” theme on almost every track,  bros do get recognition when Sci teams up with Blu on “Water to Wine.” The two emcees take turns spittin’ bars like they’re on a stoop somewhere kickin’ it.  It’s not long before Sci gets back to preparing offerings for the festival of Aphrodisia with “Main course” and “Merlot.”

The most notable of these seductive cuts is “Bag Full of Hearts.” It has smooth but upbeat vibe to it;  Elle Pierre did everything she could on the hook to “hold it down,” and it she did. King I Divine handled the production with the right amount of  everything needed to make a good beat. “Say It” is in the same vein with a powerful hook, and underground superstars, namely III Camille.

“Even when it’s not about a woman, it always is.” Sci made his point perfectly clear.


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