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Let Joella Deville ‘POUR’ It All On You

Joella Deville 'POUR'

[Album]: POUR
[Artist]: Joella Deville
Overall Grade/Rating: 7/10
Production: 6.5/10
Lyrics: 8/10
Melody: 7/10
Execution: 7/10
Subject Matter: 7.5/10
Replay Value: 7/10
Fav Songs: “On It,” “My Turn”
Least Fav Songs: “Love You Like”
Originality: 6/10
Spin or Skip: Spin
Features: N/A
Critique: Lovers of R&B and pop, gather ’round. Joella Deville’s project POUR is finally here. It’s 13 tracks of pure honesty and emotion, in its most raw form. The album begins with “The Rain,” a moody introduction to the project. We’re then taken into the track “Goodbye,” which has Ms. Deville singing about a man who simply wasn’t trying.

“How Did I Get Here” quickly became a standout track for me. Listening to the lyrics, it’s clear that this is a song about thinking you understand life or a certain situation, when you actually don’t. “Pull me up, get me out / I can’t seem to understand, or figure out, how did I get here?” The production here is one component that stuck out to me, switching up from its soft-toned verses to its beaming and glowing pop production during the hook. It really draws you in, or at least it did for me.

A lot of the album centers on love and a lack thereof, as well as relationships. If there’s any connectivity between tracks, it’s that. One of the strongest examples is the soft piano ballad “My Turn.” In which Joella sings beautifully about when she’ll be deserving of a loving relationship. Craving something she has yet to have. Because of the sparse production here, her vocal performance is really able to stand out. The song really begins to soar towards the end and sounds almost operatic.

The tone of the album changes a bit of the “You” interlude, as it seems our singer has finally found someone. The next few songs after this follow this same formula, in which she is in a relationship, singing about various topics. Right up until the very last song. At least that’s what I got from it.

The interlude “Pour” is just bathing itself in sultry, seductive vibes. Lust. A lot of this is carried over into the next track, “On It,” which is also another standout song on POUR. Its production coupled with its hook make it memorable. But Joella is able to discuss other topics on this album as well. Real issues like suicidal thoughts and depression, and even empowerment.

“I Do” stands out if for nothing else than its sheer optimism. In this song, Joella is ready to give her love and heart to a lucky significant other. Something beautiful enough that you can definitely play at a wedding. This is also another example of a song with a catchy hook. Which there are a lot of on the album.

In this way, I know I can give you everything, everything / In this way, I know i can love you in every way, in every way.

This is followed by “Love You Like,” which is an upbeat track about love and its powerful effects on someone. These two songs being sandwiched right next to each other helps the album flow.

It’s quite fitting that the album ends with “Bigger & Better.” After a slew of tracks that are really about heartache, pain and love, Joella brings it all in on a high note. It’s an optimistic and uplifting ending for the album and it works, especially with its infectious hook. “I’m bigger and better, now that I’m free / I’m bigger and better, I know you think you made me.”

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to Joella Deville’s POUR for yourself and let us know what you think. Stream it up above.

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