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Elliot Moss Releases New EP ‘Boomerang’


Elliot Moss capitalizes on the momentum from his two popular music videos with the new EP Boomerang.

Elliot Moss released his debut album, Highspeeds, back in 2015. Moss developed a good following due his silk smooth vocals and subtle productions. “Slip” became a pretty solid hit and highlighted all of Moss’ best traits. Now, moss looks to expand on that start with Boomerang, a new 7 song EP.

The opening track, “Closedloop“, has a lot of similarities to Highspeeds. Subtle and sparse production allow Moss’ incredible vocals to cut through. “Closedloop” is one of the few instances on the EP where that subtlety is still primary. But there is a change, during the transitions of “Closedloop” a sharp synth jumps to the forefront. This is an entirely new sound for Moss’ music.

That initial synth sets the tone for the rest of the record. “Without The Lights”, the subject of his extremely popular music video, was the first song released with that sharper production. It certainly pushes the emotions elicited by the production to new levels, and paired with the always excellent vocals, this is an overall powerful song. This continues with “99” where Moss opens with a harmonized intro leading into slowly built production.

“Boomerang” and “My Statue Sinking” are both slightly different than the others. Both are primarily led by lush string sections, something rarely used on Moss’ other works. “My Statue Sinking” also features recent-Bon Iver style vocals. “Dolly Zoom” gets back to the normal production style but keeps the Bon Iver type vocals going. That effect pulls a little from the natural sound of Moss’ vocals, which is his strongest asset.

Overall, Boomerang is a good step for Moss. It shows a lot of growth and maturity in the production. He takes some chances in the production that don’t quite hit the mark, but some definitely strengthen the music. The first three tracks on the EP are definitely some of the better releases of 2017.

Check out Boomerang on Apple Music and Spotify, as well as his debut album Highspeeds. Watch the music video for “Closedloop” below.

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