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PSA To All The Scrubs: Tee Willis Is ‘Cool On U’


Tee Willis (@sweethoneytee_) includes some cool visuals to along with her latest single “Cool on You.” The sassy-sexy vibe, and independent woman undertone doesn’t come across harsh at all, without carefully dissecting the lyrics. Tee’s bubble gum popping, and almost chipmunk vocal delivery makes it all cute. The video includes a lot of boss chick imagery such as, a gang of females in all black holding baseball bats with their hats low.

Tee sits on a throne as her statuesque entourage stands guard, but before the whole video turns into murder plot to get rid of the typical playa type of guy society loves to hate publicly but admires behind doors, Tee cleverly lightens the mood with some dope choreography and special effects.

Check out the video here:


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