Ivan Beecroft Will Make You “Believe”

Ivan Beecroft "Believe"

Let me introduce you to Australian retro rock/pop artist Ivan Beecroft. It’s been a long road for Ivan to get to where he is now with his music career. He’s always been a versatile musician, playing the drums, the flute, saxophone as well as the guitar. So when it comes to music, Ivan definitely knows what he’s doing. That much is made clear when you’re listening to his new track “Believe.”

“Waited so long just to hold you in my arms, you took your time only for me to let you down

Hold on close to what you’re seeing it, it might not last all night

Hold on tight to what you’re feeling, it might not last your life”

This track is the first song to be released from Ivan’s upcoming album, which you should be keeping an eye out for. It’s a bittersweet little song featuring some great production and instrumentation overall. It’s hard not to get addicted to it. Give it a listen as well as let us know what you think.

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