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Artist To Watch: Declan McKenna Cuts Through With Powerful Songwriting


“Brazil” launched Declan McKenna’s career, and his strong songwriting should give him a lengthy career.

After winning the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Artist Award in 2015, McKenna signed a deal with Colombia after a pretty impressive bidding war among labels. In early 2016, McKenna released debut EP Liar, which featured his two previous hits “Brazil” and “Paracetamol,” as well as two new songs.

McKenna offers lyrical content far beyond his years hitting on topics ranging from FIFA corruption, religion, and transgender issues. Those piercing lyrics allowed “Brazil” to become the first hit in the career of McKenna.

McKenna released “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home” earlier in the year. It should lead to the McKenna’s first full length album at some point in 2017. All of McKenna’s music is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

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