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Oh Wonder Prepares for Second Album with “Heavy”


Oh Wonder is set to release their sophomore album Ultralife on June 16.

The first couple of singles from Ultralife suggested a pretty drastic change in sound for Oh Wonder. The new single “Heavy” brings the band back to the sound of their debut album. “Ultralife” and “Lifetimes” both had a heavier production and a bigger sound than anything from Oh Wonder. 

“Heavy” brings back the subtle production values that made Oh Wonder so successful, relying heavily on the brilliant melodies and harmonies of the vocals. It also brings back the jazz style piano riffs found throughout the first album. It feels very connected to the first album and may have been a better first single for the second album than the title track “Ultralife.

Ultralife appears like a more diverse album than its predecessor, Oh Wonder. The new sound could open Oh Wonder up to considerably more radio play than anything on the first album received. Original Oh Wonder fans will probably miss the sparse production, vocally focused sound on the first album, though.

Ultralife will be out June 16. You can listen to “Heavy” below, and the other singles from Ultralife on Apple Music and Spotify.

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