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Destress, Impress & Diminish Sex


It’s common for most ‘cosmopolitans’ to take on too much responsibility too soon in attempts to impress. It’s similarly just as common for children to yearn for their adult life. Sex is an anonymous topic in the work atmosphere , however, it doesn’t have to be that way. As a young entrepreneur, it is essential that I understand reality, so that I can make the best workspace possible for my future employees.

A business without ethics is a disaster waiting to happen; also considered a top-down approach in business. The bottom line is if you aren’t prepared for the unpredictability, of the top-down approach, then you should not step foot outside your territory, simply because you aren’t animal enough. Your employees are you children, metaphorically. So make sure their minds are set on a goal at all times.

Which Path Will You Take?

What does this have to do with music, you may ask. In the entertainment industry, or music business, passion is a wild goose on the run looking for someone to chase. An artist has to earn respect to sit at the big kids table, because though an artistic talent is valued, it just isn’t enough anymore. Picture just the right side of your brain without the left. The picture would be incomplete.

Mars Amun "electromagnetic atmosphere"


I guess what I’m trying to say is, patience is a virtue, and an emblem on my crown jewels. It takes a little emphasis, good communication, and respect to do the real work behind the magic. A lot of indie artists are looking for record deals to fall out of the sky, without securing a realistic plan to freedom. Royalties do not come consistently, but a steady paycheck does; choose your source wisely. Those other artists that are most likely students have a weak probability of staying on a clear path, however, the music business is a great way to make a little extra change while still staying on top of your studies.

The Rift

Now you’re thinking, “well how do I get started?” The answer can be different for each kind of person, however many. You’ll need to first; figure out if you want to go with a top-down approach, or bottom up approach. The difference is ethical thinking, because good ethics captures good energy. Then you need to decide whether or not you want to go it alone, or build a team. I can do a lot on my own, but in order to properly run an empire you need a strong team, because no one is that strong alone, yet.

Money can ruin even the strongest partnerships, and in the entertainment industry ideas run a mock without being pinged back to a source. If your ethics are squared away then credit should be given to the company as a whole, and money should be split evenly. That is the production team, and promotion team, where the artist is a promoter. A royal approach in entertainment is like a top-down approach, where as we live in a Democracy, ergo it is not reality. There are more duties to be done collectively then selfishly, however, that just depends on how animal you are.

Wake Up On Gucci Mane Already

We all know which approach Gucci takes in his business. You may be looking forward to a review of his latest album ‘DropTopWop,’ however you wont get that from me. The idea is to make you want to listen to the album, so why not share with you the vibe this hot potato of an album gives me.

Picture the events that immediately take place after a big win, in sports that is. If you’re a winner go stream “DropTopWop‘ now, streaming everywhere.


Until next time, Blogger Boy.

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