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Mountains Like Wax Returns With “(a) Rest”


After the success of their debut EP Tetrology, Mountains Like Wax is ready for the next level with “(a) Rest”.

Its been a wild ride for Mountains Like Wax, to say the least. Their four song self-released debut Tetralogy, exceeded all expectations and helped make them one of the brightest young bands in Nashville. They won Nashville’s premier battle of the bands, Music City Mayhem, and performed all throughout the Eastern US.

Now, they are ready to release their first new music to their extended fan base. “(a) Rest” is clearly the bands most radio friendly song yet. However, everything that made Tetralogy special remains. Lead Singer Mitchell Taylor’s vulnerable but powerful vocals and honest lyrics still lead the way. The rim taps in the drums have become something of a unique signature for Mountains Like Wax. The melodic guitar riffs are as strong as ever.

“(a) Rest” is still just the fifth song released by Mountains Like Wax, which really speaks to their quality of their music. They’ve tried to get their best music to as many people as they can. They have given everything they have to their limited product and that devotion to quality has pushed them to new heights.

Check out “(a) Rest” below and listen to it on Apple Music and Spotify. Mountains Like Wax debut Tetralogy is available on Apple Music and Spotify as well.

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Cory Uhls
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