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Andrew Belle Releases Music Video For “Down”


“Down” is the third single from Belle’s upcoming album Dive Deep, set for release in August.

When Andrew Belle released his second album, Black Bear, it was a drastic change from album one. The first three singles from the upcoming album, Dive Deep, have all been similar in sound and style to Black Bear. Both albums rely heavily on synth and and percussion, where his first album was primarily acoustic guitar driven.

“Down” is similar to the first single “Dive Deep”, led by a electric piano and Belle’s substantial harmonies. The drums are particularly powerful in the choruses, the reverberate throughout the mix and really drive the song forward. The delayed guitar strikes are well timed and really add a unique element to the mix. Belle always delivers when it comes to vocals and lyrics. the nice bridge prevents the song from getting pretty repetitive. Overall, it’s a really good song and is probably the second best single from the upcoming album so far.

Watch the video for “Down” below and listen to it on Apple Music and Spotify. Black Bear is phenomenal and is available on Apple Music and Spotify, as well.

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