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BeFlow Takes Us Down ‘Ocean Drive’ With New Video


[Music Video]: Ocean Drive
[Artist]: BeFlow
Overall Grade/Rating: 7.5/10
Production: 7/10
Lyrics: 8/10
Melody: 8/10
Execution: 7.5/10
Subject Matter: 8.5/10
Replay Value: 7/10
Originality: 6.5/10
Skip or Spin: Spin

Beflow returns with brand new material to follow up with his 2017 release Chasin’ Greatness. In a recent exclusive interview with Iamtheindustry, Beflow mentioned that he planned to become more focused on the visual part of his artistry, and has since followed through with the release of a music video for his single “Ocean Drive.” The minimalistic cinematography was produced with intent to give space for Flow to allow his words to be understood. This has been a focus of Flow for quite sometime since Erase Da Kritic where he often made mention of his talents with wordplay.

Throughout his latest video Flow emphasizes parts of his rhymes by using blurp effects to highlight particular vignettes. The black and white noir setting forces viewers to place more focus on his lyrics. The ups and downs of intercity life are highlighted on this record and reflected visually with project staircases, community basketball courts, and views of city (Chi-town). “Ocean Drive” also displays Flow’s confidence outside of his lyricism. With very few public appearances under his belt, Flow handles this one as a professional. His level of comfort through his delivery is evident. Hopefully this visual is just the beginning of what Flow has in store the way of presenting his artistry.

Check out the video below:

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