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Industry Talk on Mars

Pace Yourself & Press Play

I tackled the topic of the independent movement in the music industry, by introducing a few brief but powerful points.

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My Heart Beacon


It’s like a shift in the wind from wake, to snore,

we were just playing in the sand;


swim-ing, like the mermaids we adore.


I felt it deep in the pit of my chest,

it was like a beacon, pulling

me out of cardiac arrest.

It changed;

the shift of the world I saw benign &

with a flip of a switch my mind woke the colors of my spine,

and my head bobbed with way of this rhyme.

That’s when I knew It was time.


Soon you’ll perfect,

like the spinning sphere on a magnetic axis.

You’ll be daunting with sparkles of gold.

The glow will be universal and the passion hot like sex is.

Do you want to know what your first test is?


You gotta repeat the rhythm of the twitch in your heart,

It’ll be fleeting like a sports match, beginning at the start.

Run first, and you’ll fall. Tum-ble-ing. 

You gotta watch it turbo.

Don’t let them ever catch you fumbling.


They’ll know once you know…

You can’t be stopped once you float,

you’ll fly like, scales on tail in water.

It’s experience is like sheep fur, but much, much softer.

WAIT! Let my heart buffer.

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