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Jonny P Looks To Revitalize Soul In Nashville


Good To You is the second EP from Nashville based soul artist Jonny P, the first since 2014.

Soul is some of the simplest music but also the most impactful, and when it’s done well there isn’t a better genre in music. Jonny P wants to bring Soul back into the mainstream. His understated productions, heartfelt lyrics, and silky smooth vocals give him the right tools to do it.

In 2014, Jonny P released his first EP Right To You. Led by the standout title track, it put Jonny P in a class of his own. It’s a shame it didn’t receive the attention it deserves. Now, Jonny is back and isn’t going to let his music fly under the radar anymore. Good To You pulls back a little on the production from Right To You, but in a way that pushes the focus to the essential elements. The simplicity is especially helpful in highlighting the ever smooth vocals. Jonny’s vocals shine brightest on the EP’s second song “Stand By”.

It isn’t just the vocals that drive Jonny’s music, the songwriting is deserving of the vocal mastery, “Say I do” would serve as adequate wedding vows. The arrangement and chord structure helps keep the production open and light. Each song floats and moves together creating a really stable EP on a whole.

The last two songs on Good To You pick up the pace somewhat. “It’s Our Time” has a bit of a gospel feel. It features some really well developed strings and Hammond organ, and a well timed mini choir. “Book” is slightly different than the rest of the EP. It has a sharper driving rhythm, and is much more percussion driven. “Book” doesn’t have the same lightness and air that the rest of the EP has, but it’s still a great song and speaks to Jonny’s versatility.

Jonny P is definitely an artist to watch as he continues to develop his great gifts. You can get both of his EP’s, Right To You and Good To You, on Apple Music and Spotify. Check out an acoustic version of Jonny P”s song “Stand By” in the video below.

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