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Ruth B creates a Safe Haven for vocal lovers


Ruth B takes the Singer/Songwriter genre to a new level with her debut album “Safe Haven.”

Ruth Berhe’s (aka Ruth B) debut album “Safe Haven” released in May and the Singer/Songwriter brings a special mix of slow brilliance and upbeat pop to this engaging record. The release came almost a year and a half after her debut EP, “The Intro.” The EP gave listeners a few songs on the album, such as the hits “Lost Boy” and “Superficial Love,” but Ruth B saved plenty for the album, songs like “If This Is Love” and the pop slow jam “World War 3.”

The dark subjects in “World War 3” highlight the prowess of Ruth B’s songwriting abilities. She clearly expresses the pain in the past relationship, starting a war. The simplicity of the melody brings her voice to the front of the listener’s mind.

Berhe’s music career started from the likes of Vine where she was found singing a melody from the television series “Once Upon A Time.” The video quickly gained traction, and later became a full song in “Lost Boy.” The song quickly caught the attention of many, one being a producer at Columbia Records in 2015, who quickly signed Berhe. Together they produced “The Intro – EP” that consisted of four songs.

Like many emerging artists, Ruth B’s storytelling abilities are on a level of intellect greater than many. “Lost Boy” is a story of Peter Pan and the artist’s dream of leaving with him. It’s a song unlike any other in today’s culture of music.

The new album is similar to the EP, focusing on Ruth B’s voice, which sets her apart from other artists today (think: a sweeter, less raspy Rihanna in “Closer to You”). Her vocal range can bring her down to a gentle low all the way to her high runs like in “Lost Boy.”

Each song on the album could be charting; however, “Lost Boy” remains as the best song in Ruth B’s arsenal. She is something special who needs to be watched.

What’s special about Berhe is her ability to highlight her voice, and not letting the instruments and production take over the space. She has a clear and clean voice, and every song on the record highlights just that.

“Safe Haven” is out now and can be streamed on iTunes, Spotify and other listening platforms.

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