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LANY sheds light on love and loss with debut album


Synth-pop band LANY creates waves in the music industry with the debut album “LANY.”

Up and comers based in Los Angeles LANY came out with their debut album this past Friday. “LANY” had multiple singles to capture the minds and hearts of fans. Led by Paul Klein, the three-man band has taken over the music industry with a few EPs, being opening acts for names such as John Mayer, X Ambassadors and Halsey. In late 2016 they began the “Kinda Tour” which travelled around the United States and Europe.

The group is the modern day rock band. They speak to the millennial generation with acronyms like “ILYSB” (I love you so bad), “BRB” (Be right back) and even “4EVER!” (forever!).

The new album has all the same sound as the EPs, which is good for long-time listeners. Their electronic-alternative mixture is one not being used by many artists, with every song with its own singular sound, making the album simple yet complex with a uniform style.

Though the group maintains a specific sound of mesmerizing synth-pop for the album, the range of songs varies from slow, sad ballads like “Tampa” and “It Was Love” to beautifully upbeat rhythms in “ILYSB” and “Good Girls.” The songs are a work of art, but the lyrics are what remains a powerful and driving force for their music. They take simple problems of break-ups and simply not being able to hang out with friends (hence the song “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS” on the EP “kinda”), and turn them into this storied work of brilliance we all can understand.

“LANY” is a story of love and loss. The album opens with the line “Oh my God I think I’m in love,” in the song “Dumb Stuff” and ends with “It Was Love” where Klein sings “I hated it had to end.”

Listen to “LANY” now on iTunes, Spotify and other listening platforms.

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