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The Generationals keep 80’s pop alive with “Mythical”


Generationals release “Mythical” and give 80’s pop an upgrade

Indie band the Generationals released their fourth single of the year “Mythical” in late June to promote their new tour in late 2017. The band composed of Ted Joymer and Grant Widmer began in 2007 when the two graduated college. Their first hit came from their debut album Con Law was “When They Fight, They Fight,” which was played on multiple TV shows and commercials in the following years.

Since Con Law, the duo has created multiple EPs and a few full-length albums. As of today, even though listeners still are unaware of a new album, the singles have been flowing since the release of the 80s style groove single “Keep it Low” in February. This new single stands out, however. It leans further away from the roots the Generationals planted in 2009 with Con Law. With a new sound, they duo looks to mix up the normal ways of releasing music. They haven’t given a release date for an album, nor any desire to release one anytime soon. They have just shared singles and don’t seem to be interesting in releasing a new album.

They look to bring the old style and mix it with new pop. Even though we aren’t in the 80’s, that doesn’t mean we can’t have 80’s inspired pop in our playlists. That’s what the Generationals look to create.

When and if the duo decides to release a new album, if it is like the singles they have been releasing, it is going to be an album for the history books. And there is going to be more “the @generationals are my new favorite band” tweets on Twitter like this one:

But for now, we hope for more. The Generationals are doing their own thing so we applaud and fervently wait for the next single, or hopefully, album.

Listen to “Mythical” on iTunes, Spotify and other listening platforms.

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