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HAIM Has ‘Something To Tell You’ On Sophomore Album


The sister trio returns with their first album since their debut, Days Are Gone, in 2013.

Not many debut albums receive the worldwide praise that HAIM received for Days Are Gone. Their unique 80’s style pop launched them into superstardom. Led by the hit songs “The Wire” and “Forever”, Days Are Gone reached #6 on Billboard 200 and #2 on Alternative album charts. There was something familiar to everybody on Days Are Gone, but nobody could quite place it. That feeling is even greater on Something To Tell You. HAIM’s ability to live in nostalgia while not being cliche is a true gift.

There is no clear breakout hit on Something To Tell You, which speaks to the quality of the whole album. Throughout the album, people will hear countless influences from Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles, to Gnarls Barkley, James Blake, and Hanson. There really isn’t a sound that can’t be heard on this new album.

One major piece that is mostly omitted from this album is HAIM’s reliance on unique guitar riffs. Days Are Gone featured masterfully produced guitar parts throughout the album. Something To Tell You relies much more on keyboards and ambient pads. There are still guitar parts in there, but they are no longer the primary instrument, and that will result in this album being less recognizable than Days Are Gone. The guitar was an extremely unique signature of a HAIM song from the first album. When that guitar came on the radio, it was instantly recognized. That signature is harder to find on this album.

Something To Tell You is still a great album on it’s own. HAIM’s songwriting and structure is second to none. The rhythms they use vocally aren’t used by anyone else in music. “Want You Back” is an excellent lead single and shouldeparate itself as the standout track in the long run.

Watch the music video for “Want You Back” below. Something To Tell You is available on Apple Music and Spotify, as is Days Are Gone.

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