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Culture Wars brings a culture shock with new single


Culture Wars blasts our culture with the new single “Money (Gimmie, Gimmie).”

Culture Wars brings a culture shock with their new single “Money (Gimmie, Gimmie).” This song gives a whole new sound and mixes with old style. The new single brings a new-age sound to a Jack White sound. The electro-rock band based in Austin, Texas is about to release their debut EP led by Alex Dugan (who brings the Jack White style).

Based on the single, the album is going to be full of powerful messages and tackling important societal issues. Just because the song is entitled “Money,” that doesn’t mean money is the only topic covered in the song. We, as a society, are greedy. We want things we don’t have, to just take and never use again. Culture Wars looks to challenge that. Dugan screams “Gimmie Gimmie!” This isn’t money. Give me things, give me attention, give me your body, give me anything that you have because I want it. That’s the message. It’s about being better as people and enjoying what we have, and not constantly wanting what someone else has for the simple desire.

“I get this feeling everyone just wants something from me,” sings Dugan in the single. It is okay to want at least one thing: more music, and that’s what we want after this single.

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