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Lana Del Rey’s ‘Lust for Life’ – Stream It Now

Lana Del Rey’s fifth studio album, Lust for Life, is finally here. The album features appearances from Playboi Carti, Stevie Nicks, A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd and Yoko Ono. In an interview with the BBC, Lana discussed the evolution of the album and how the 2016 presidential race changed its trajectory.

“I started out thinking that the whole record was gonna have a ’50s-’60s feeling, like some kind of Shangri-Las, early Joan Baez influences. But as the climate kept on getting more heated politically, I found lyrically everything was just directed towards that,” she said. “So because of that, the sound just got really updated, and I felt like it was more wanting to talk to the younger side of the audience that I have. I guess it’s a little more socially aware. It’s kind of a global feeling.”

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