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Oh Wonder wants us to live an “Ultralife” with new album


Oh Wonder released “Ultralife” with motivational songwriting and positive vibes for listeners.

British duo Oh Wonder released their second album, “Ultralife” on July 14th. The alt-pop duo teased the new album for weeks before releasing the first single from the album the title-track “Ultralife,” which quickly made it clear that they didn’t intend on sticking with their old, slow, soul sound. They moved to a more complex, upbeat, pop tone.

The duo is composed of Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht. The interesting and unique part of Oh Wonder is their vocals are done in unison, not simply one in melody and one in harmony. Though most of this new album follows in the first album’s footsteps, the duo does break away from the uniform vocals and sings separately in a few places in the tracks. Their music seems so simple, yet it pulls the listener in, hypnotizing them with beautifully produced tones and vocals. Rolling Stone Australia writer Jessie Conniffe summed the duo up perfectly saying, “What is so delightfully refreshing about this London duo is the utter effortlessness of their music.”

After months of teasing with singles and Instagram posts spelling out “ULTRALIFE” and singular sounds of tracks, giving motivation to “Live an Ultra-life” and asking questions like “Who’s ready to get high on humans with us?” and a few posts like this one:

545 – h e a v y // WHERE DID HEAVY GO? #heavy #midnight

A post shared by Oh Wonder (@ohwondermusic) on

where they hinted at their single on the album “Heavy,” Oh Wonder finally released the masterpiece album with everything from upbeat tracks like “Ultralife” and “High on Humans,” to slow, jazzy sounds found in “All About You” and “Solo.” Not only is their sound memorable and catchy, but so are the lyrics. The songwriting on this album and their previous one is simply awesome. They are in another caliber than other songwriters in the business right now. That’s what sets Oh Wonder apart. 

The beauty is the uniqueness every song has, and the uniqueness the duo creates makes the reality that there are only 12 tracks utterly depressing, but I’m fine with jamming to these songs until the next album comes out.

Listen to “Ultralife” now on Spotify, iTunes and other listening platforms.

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