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Kylie Spence Shows Promise With “Lying Eyes”


Newcomer Kylie Spence lets her voice control the production on her debut single “Lying Eyes”.

There is a lot to like about Kylie Spence’s debut single. She has excellent touch on her vocals and the production is understated. There is a lot of maturity in the 16-year-old’s production, like the doubled vocal in the chorus. Few take advantage of that method early in their career, but not in this case. Her background vocal riffs are timed well and not overused. The jangly guitar can be a little distracting at times, it would sit behind the vocal better as a smooth electric guitar.

The quality of the production shows the most promise, but the song itself has a lot of quality as well. The verses are slightly over filled, as she tries to fit too many words in the melody. The feel for her voice makes it work for the most part, however.  The chorus is really strong. The lyrics flow well and the rhyme scheme doesn’t come off as cliche.

Overall, this is a strong start for Kylie Spence. She has good control of her vocal and a clear appreciation for quality production. she should have no problem continuing to improve her overall sound and develop a substantial following. You can listen to “Lying Eyes” below, and on Apple Music and Spotify.

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