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It starts out a rainbow full of joy and potential. This is what they don’t tell you about achieving ‘fame.’ It’s actually what they do tell you. What they don’t tell you is what happens after it starts.

The weight you invest becomes your reputation, this means that once you decide…

You can’t change your mind. Kind of like how Kanye changed his mind about being loyal to TIDAL, or is it the other way around?

The same can be said about creating a streaming platform. If you promise new music every friday, you better have the talent to keep that promise.

With four months left of the 2017 streaming wars, here is the 411 without the numbers.

Blue Streaming-Tunes

It first started out a problem, streaming was rejecting in the industry. Money was hard to come by and the industry was falling apart. Then a little birdie went and started a war, the same birdie who bit the Apple.

After Apple partitioned little ol’ iTunes into Apple Music a sort of ruckus started, and everyone wanted a bite.

Where does apple stand on the score board, out of the five major music streaming platforms?

#IATI apple vs spotify
Not my edit

Which streaming platform best suits your iPhone-atic desires? Spotify is indeed number one but why would you need Spotify if Apple Music is already installed?

#IATI soundcloud reimagined
Catfish filter. ..universal

Chance The Rapper looks to be lending a hand to help out Indie Culture by saving soundcloud.

#IATI jay Z Kanye West beef

Jay-Z & Kanye West are beefing meanwhile…

#IATI unknown tidal technology
Very cool, but also not mine.

Google is still Google, thanks to Vydia.

#IATI Google play for YouTube and vydia

Lastly Amazon is constructing a friend for Siri.

#IATI Amazon echo featuring alexa
Not mine

Green Money-Machine

Spotify and Pandora ruled before the era of the streaming wars, but they weren’t tuned in to how much they were making their ‘slaves’ work.

However, things have changed a lot since the start of the wars, so let’s take a look at the dirty details.

Soundcloud is getting a strategic makeover after reaching rock bottom & not being acquired by Spotify and their “Big Data.” Soundcloud is widely known as your one stop shop for free indie music.

The streaming wars started with Spotify. Since their power in the industry goes beyond a well put together playlist platform, it is as though us mortals have no choice but to bow at their feet.

Amazon is too focused on software behind music, which from the looks of things could be very good for a bigger job market and Alexa. It could also be good for the company as they attempt take down Spotify.

Apple Music dropped out of the streaming wars because of a lack of time and energy. An iPhone without apple music is like an ipod without internet. You get what you save and you behave.

Google and TIDAL are being very secretive in an obvious ways about their next moves. My prediction is that they both are more focused on the emerging Tech Wars, leaving Spotify at the top in terms of being the best and well connected platform for both consumers, and music artists. I have to say though, I like my music like I like my men, high in quality and boujee, however, we can’t always get what we want without putting in the required work.

Is Kanye West smarter than everyone gives him credit for, or is he just the muscle?

-Happy Streaming!

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