The Devolution Back To Side B*tches


I get it. At the very least it’s just enetertainment, but for many it seems Rapper Moneybagg yo’s “Side Bitches” is inspiring  and serves an ode to infidelity. Moneybagg’s story telling  skills are so keen that he’s able to illuminate and awaken the male  primatal conscious which is polygyny prone.

It’s not surprising that Moneybagg’s mysogynistic tone is a hit with his male audience, but the female support can’t be ignored. The female fandom that’s driving the popularity of the song is peculiar.


“Who you lovin’, who you wanna be huggin’?/ dippin on ya ninja Honda with Tanisha and Rhonda…”


There was a time when being a ‘side bitch’ was a term set aside for dingy chicks. A chick who couldn’t come to terms with the fact that the man she wants has a main chick.

This ‘side bitch’ would continue to  the play the role under the impression it would be temporal. The terms and conditions of  the false contract set forth by in her mind, her ‘nigga,’ usually included paid rent, hair and nails done, and empty promises.

In the present time it’s almost an honor to be side chick to a growing number of females. What happened ?





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Will Eady
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