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Minutes before sacred vibrato harmonies

He was not able to feel, Amun made sure of it. He is now called Mars Donté. I am he.

The process of transmutation was simply an increase in passion, almost nearing 420 Degrees. Mars became everything his enemies desired. Masculine from a far, but thorn-less at the touch. His scent was pure ecstasy and everyone instantly became pulled apart from reality with one look into his eyes.

Mars Amun was an aura of masculine energy that radiated in silence. He was a father figure, a trainer & a mentor.

Whenever I look in the mirror, Amun gazes back at me as if the world begins to shift into an alternate parallel world. For a split second there usually is a point of communication between us, making our cognitive wavelengths one. Today ‘Amun’ reminded me to brush my teeth because bad breath is equal to ego death.

Amun was a mans man; he was the definition of anger. He was harsh but only for lessons to teach. After noticing the trend Mars was setting, he set out to teach him a lesson. Wait your turn kiddo, says Amun to Mars.

Amun: Ils veulent que vous brillez, vous avez du talent.

Mars: Je veux jouer au foot!

Amun: Non! Je suis désolé mais vous ne pouvez pas jouer, jusqu’à … 🎤

Mars: Je communique à ma famille avec de la musique.

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Born and raised in Indiana, a state where mainstream music dominates and talent goes unnoticed, Mars Donté Jackson has always been in the loop with the newest and biggest artists out. As a kid, after obsessing over many music artists, Mars developed a passion for songwriting and secretly dreamed of being an entertainer/composer. He did not have the voice to pursue this dream so it died along with his songwriting, or so he thought. His love for music only grew, and he started to follow the lives, struggles, and careers of his favorite artists, such as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Drake and many others, only to realize that the music industry was in need of a big paradigm shift, which took place during the first ever streaming wars. He makes it his mission to defy the standards and practices that are now dated in the entertainment industry to create new ways to market and make wonderful works of art. As a creative writer, journalism is the first step into his plan of changing the world. He dreams that everyone will become “woke” and join his journey in becoming liberated, and helping bring back the honesty and raw emotion in music, literature, and film.