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    Watch Don Devon Make Bodies Drop With Latest Video

    [Single]: Innocent Body Might Drop
    [Artist]: Don Devon
    Overall Grade/Rating: 7.7/10
    Production: 8.5/10
    Lyrics: 7/10
    Melody: 8/10
    Execution: 8/10
    Subject Matter: 7/10
    Replay Value: 8.5/10
    Originality: 7.5/10
    The Low Down: Don Devon shows us that the freaks really do come out at night in his newly released video “Innocent Body Might Drop.” The visuals depict Devon on the prowl in  an in door parking garage at night searching for a come up. His dark and  gritty soliloquy captures today’s Barbary, rather savagery, of  popular music, it’s trendy in every way. With a bandanna on and hooded up, Devon shares his fantasies of robberies, revenge, and drugs (it’s all about being a real n—-).
     Devon has a unique way of making his harsh message seem like child’s play  through the Mickey Mouse Club quality of his vocals. This  really comes out through the hook “whoa, whoa. Whoa, and I don’t know why they hate us.” What can’t be ignored is the fact that Devon engineered and wrote the entire song. For a newcomer this is remarkable considering the sound quality, and the way the song is put together.
    Originality is lacking as far as  cinematography goes. Nothing stands out except for a few shots where Devon Is shown falling from the sky and hitting the ground, and when a cop car rolls pass during one scene, the lyrics begin to come to life. Devon definitely has what it takes to become one of the greatest lyricist of all time. His sound and direction as an artist is comparable to any of the top artists making waves these days. In comparison to his peers, Devon surpasses them when it comes to current hiphop culture.
    Witnessing an “innocent body” drop  may not be ideal for most people, but when it comes to artistic expression and effort Devon delivers.