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    ‘Fame’ The Inevitable Regret – Blue

    Are you so eager to achieve fame that you overlook the consequences?

    Most pre-madonna’s rush into fame, unaware of the effects it has on a person. There is a price to pay for everything, I’ve said times before; and the price you pay for fame is a mixture of intense feelings and unwanted attention. Some people can handle it because they were born strong-willed and adaptive, but other are too weak and seem to disappear once they realize it’s too much for them to handle. My guess is, everyone is strong enough; however you just have to have the right person by your side guiding you.

    Kylie Jenner has cried out multiple times and expressed her dislike for fame. Almost every hour of everyday she is harassed by sexual perverts and bullied by “social-medialites.” She deals with it by forcing herself not to troll the media, but only to post her brand. Even in forcing yourself not to look, you still have that urge to see what everyone is saying and think about if it’s true or not. Its inevitable. Tinashe also dislikes her rising fame; which is why we rarely and almost never get to see her interact with us on social media. Fans want that close net interaction but its more tricky than you’d like to see.

    What are the consequences of fame?

    You become a different person when you achieve fame. This can either be a bad thing or a good thing. People label you because of their insecurities; you spend consecutive nights throughout the year lonely, longing for just a little attention. People don’t want to date you because of their hidden agendas; they may seem like they’re all for you but secretly they’re all for your power and status.

    It seems most of the time as if people only truly want you for your sexual abilities; and the excessive loneliness you experience tempts you to just go with the flow. It’s easier that way sometimes. Some celebrities sleep as a defense, even though it’s the start of depression. If none of this applies to you, maybe the lack of sleep that is also a consequence of fame would. I love to sleep because it’s when I’m most comfortable, however there is no room for comfort when you’re constantly forced to do uncomfortable things.

    Are you subject to a double standard when achieving fame?

    Double standards are a huge issue in society, which makes them huge issues in the life of a Pop Star. Being uncomfortable with something is one thing, but being uncomfortable being yourself is a totally different thing. Women seem to have an advantage in the music industry because it is, while not scientifically proven, easier for women to sell music than men. I have a keen sense of attention to detail and I bet if asked, I could name off more successful female music artists than male artists. Women are enjoyed when in the public eye, which is why most music producers stay out of it; even though they’re the ones that make music complete.

    Pop star Drake is by far the only modern successful music artists who is male and is in the public eye. However, his most critical comment is that he’s too feminine. What does that even mean? Men can’t sing or rap about their feelings unless they want to be considered weak, which is most likely the cause of him changing his softer aesthetic and putting a little muscle on his body. Now he’s considered fake. Female rap artists face a similar controversial issue which is why Nicki Minaj is the only modern successful female MC in the music industry. It’s considered un-lady-like for women to be spit fire and show their masculine side; this is probably the reason we don’t hear the “Shanghai” “knock some fear into your heart” rap verses from her anymore.

    Do double standards make you blue?

    Blue is another color the retina reflects, and have a wavelength between 450 and 495 nm on the visible light spectrum. Blue is a fertile color on the primary color wheel along with red and yellow. Violet-blue has a shorter wavelength and looks a lot like indigo, the mysterious spectral color, while turquoise has longer wavelengths; tending to appear more green. Pure blue has a wavelength of 470 nm; this is considered the color’s median.

    In the US and Europe, surveys show that blue is most commonly identified with harmony, faithfulness, infinity, cold, and sadness. Blue is a cool and calming spectral color with amazing fertile abilities; mixing red and blue births the composite color purple, and mixing blue and yellow births the composite green.

    Green is also an additive primary color used in RGB color models to create a spectra of new colors. Amongst large companies, hospitals, and airlines the color blue is very popular; which in this case symbolizes strength, wisdom, and trust. From a psychological prospective, blue is reliable, responsible, and emits security. A person can count on the color blue to take control and do the right thing in difficult situations; very similar to a human man.

    Some colors tend to associate with gender and sexuality; for example blue and pink are common colors associated with male and female genders. There is a long-held tradition of choosing between these two color choices when buying balloons for the birth of a baby, identifying it’s gender. However, has this tradition influenced the way we view masculinity and femininity? Blue is a strong color, while pink is often looked at as a weak color.

    Are blue and pink translated to masculine and feminine?

    Blue represents knowledge, power, and professionalism; in other words blue is associated with the masculine male. Light blue represents health, understanding and softness; possible associations of male femininity. Pink on the other hand is a mix of red and white; pink could not be created without the help of red. Red is often associated with passion, rage, anger, willpower and evil; in other words red is associated with the masculine form of a female. Pink is often depicted as the universal color of love, and it is feminine, mature and intuitive; in other words pink represents a traditional feminine female. Double standards are evaporated when you think about the idea of dualism and balance of the human ego(personality.) Double standards do not only associate with feminism.

    While you sit and think about the media’s double standards all ‘eyez’ are on Casey Veggies

    Casey Veggies is a popular west coast artists known for his 2015 video Backflip. Casey Veggies is not really in the eye of mainstream music and If I’m not wrong; it’s because he wants to stay out of it, as most artists do. Check out his new single All Eyez On Me below.

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