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    Aminé Uses Vydia? Create Your Account Now!


    Remember our friend Roy LaManna? A few months ago I got the chance to interview one of NJBIZ’s Forty under 40 for 2016. Mr. LaManna’s start-up video platform Vydia is a huge success. It’s legitimately the biggest company you’ve probably never heard of, until now. Over 120k artists are now on the platform, with the number of artists doubling year after year. Artists like Post Malone, Fetty Wap and Amine, all have used Vydia’s services.

    Ever dream of becoming a break-out pop star on VEVO?

    With Vydia, that dream can become a reality. Vydia is a tool that aids music artists in promoting, distributing and monetizing their video and audio files. It helps you upload to services like Youtube, Content ID, MTV Jams, and Music Choice. Vydia also has a tool that allows you to submit your music visuals to MTV Jams or BET.

    Being New Jersey’s number one video tech startup, Vydia has over 100,000 users; including Grammy award-winning artists like Jimmy Buffett, Joss Stone, and Def Leppard. Vydia now has $1.1 Million in funding and continues to build a platform for artists to manage their intellectual property of music videos as well as all video content; including content on SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook and others.

    Since its launch in 2013, Vydia has doubled in growth over the past few years.

    The Vydia platform empowers content creators to protect, manage, promote and monetize their videos through a variety of tools. Vydia’s user base is primarily music artists, however the Vydia team is building a reinvented version of the platform to support a wider array of video content. 

    “The video monetization and distribution space continues to fragment, allowing Vydia to take advantage of the opportunity to be the universal, one-stop solution for video creators,” explains Roy LaManna, Founder and CEO of Vydia. “With the technology we’ve built and the expert team here to assist our users with monetization and distribution, Vydia is making it easier than ever for content creators to find success.”

    We, here at Iam The Industry, wish the Vydia team the best in your success. The platform is such an innovative and very helpful tool for music artist. We can’t wait to hear more information on the reinvented version of Vydia. From the sound of things all videographers in the entertainment industry are in for something big.