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Episode 013 – Cooper Phillip
"Growing up in Russia, I felt like I had to keep all of my thoughts and my opinions inside of me... I was afraid to say what I actually felt." [1:10:20] (Host: Billy The Kiiid)
Episode 012 – Lucky Chops
"[We] received a message from a military vet who said he was on the brink of suicide and our music saved him. [49:36] (Host: Billy The Kiiid)
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Episode 011 – Hurricane Chris
"I think a lot of cats are lost in the sauce...trying to sound like each other." [45:59] (Host: Billy The Kiiid)
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Episode 010 – Bashful Creature
"I'm not gonna be the person in the streets throwing rocks at cops, like I know that's not the way to get stuff done either..." [48:45] (Host: Billy The Kiiid)
Episode 009 – No Malice
"We always knew we could rap but to be able to see all your hard work pay off and getting a deal and get in the studio and getting a chance to let the world to hear something that you created, yeah, it was a big deal." [25:27] (Host: Billy The Kiiid)
Episode 008 – Denzel White
"Labels in 2017 are frightening, 2016 are frightening because it's that whole 360 deal vibe and as much as it's dope, it's like I want to own my music. I want my music to be my music, like if I want to do something with it, I want to be able to. And not knocking anyone that goes the label route, I've just heard too many bad stories." [28:00] (Host: Billy The Kiiid)
Episode 007 – King B.
'2016 was definitely my biggest year musically. I've done a lot this year. My biggest accomplishment for this year was I opened up for Tinashe at the Metropolis in my city. So yeah, that was really big." [13:10] (Host: Mars Amun)
Episode 006 – Braxton Cook
'There was that crossroads moment I was coming out of high school...I had full tuition at Georgetown because of my [parents'] legacy benefits and I was like "oh my gosh, what do I do?" being a young 18-year old who really loved music I was like I want to take out loans and go to music school and my parents were like that doesn't make any sense, don't do it.'' [15:15] (Host: Hope Carter)
Episode 005 – Oscar Cardona
"These women be getting me in my feelings, I gotta relate, and I can't sing that great so I'm just a light-skinned rapper bro..." [30:07] (Host: Billy The Kiiid)
Episode 004 – Adison
"Being a musician you have so much uncertainty going into it...and that one is my favorite thing about pursuing a career as an artist but it's also one of the scariest things." [08:56] (Host: Hope Carter)
Episode 003 – Gloria Prince
"I really just talk about my experiences through the heartbreak, through intimacy, through not having my dad, through domestic violence..." [14:12] (Host: Hope Carter)
Episode 002 – Bizzy Crook
"I had to face multiple struggles like being doubted by my family, depression and heartbreak, and losing faith in myself and all those things brung me to where I am today." [16:19] (Host: Hope Carter)
Episode 001 – Tee Willis
"I plan on this being my last album..."[03:52]
(Host: Billy The Kiiid)