Manchester Orchestra becomes legendary with new album

Manchester Orchestra successfully rebrands with their fifth studio album Andy Hull and the rest of M

Kylie Spence Shows Promise With “Lying Eyes”

Newcomer Kylie Spence lets her voice control the production on her debut single “Lying Eyes

Arcade Fire’s new sounds brings mixed reviews

“Everything Now” doesn’t live up to the hype Arcade Fire came out with their fift

Oh Wonder wants us to live an “Ultralife” with new album

Oh Wonder released “Ultralife” with motivational songwriting and positive vibes for lis

Culture Wars brings a culture shock with new single

Culture Wars blasts our culture with the new single “Money (Gimmie, Gimmie).” Culture Wa

Fractures is ‘Still Here’ And Wants To Be Heard

[Album]: Still Here [Artist]: Fractures Overall Grade/Rating: 9.1/10 Production: 10/10 Lyrics: 9/10

The Generationals keep 80’s pop alive with “Mythical”

Generationals release “Mythical” and give 80’s pop an upgrade Indie band the Gene

HAIM Has ‘Something To Tell You’ On Sophomore Album

The sister trio returns with their first album since their debut, Days Are Gone, in 2013. Not many d

Truthcity Wants ‘Everything Black’

[Single]: Everything Black [Artist]: Truthcity Overall Grade/Rating: 8.9/10 Production: 8.5/10 Lyric

LANY sheds light on love and loss with debut album

Synth-pop band LANY creates waves in the music industry with the debut album “LANY.” Up

Ruth B creates a Safe Haven for vocal lovers

Ruth B takes the Singer/Songwriter genre to a new level with her debut album “Safe Haven.̶

After 50 Years, Sgt. Pepper’s Finally Fits All Of It’s Praise

Sgt. Pepper’s celebrated its 50th anniversary, on June 1, 2017, with a new Deluxe Version, rem


[Single]: The Thunder [Artist]: Brian Anthony Overall Grade/Rating: 7.2/10 Production: 8/10 Lyrics:

Homeshake Makes A Song That’s ‘So She’

[Single]: So She [Artist]: Homeshake Overall Grade/Rating: 7.8/10 Production: 8/10 Lyrics: 7/10 Melo

Iamchelseaiam Ditches The ‘Pity Party’

[Single]: Pity Party [Artist]: Iamchelseaiam Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production: 8/10 Lyrics: 8/1

Elliot Moss Releases New EP ‘Boomerang’

Elliot Moss capitalizes on the momentum from his two popular music videos with the new EP Boomerang.

Punk Thrives In Big Joanie’s Crooked Room

[Album]: The Crooked Room [Artist]: Big Joanie Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production: 8/10 Lyrics: 8

Let Joella Deville ‘POUR’ It All On You

[Album]: POUR [Artist]: Joella Deville Overall Grade/Rating: 7/10 Production: 6.5/10 Lyrics: 8/10 Me

Scienze Serves Up Every Lady’s Favorite “Kind Of Desert”

[Album]: Kind of Desert [Artist]: Scienze Overall Grade/Rating: 8.8/10 Production: 7/10 Lyrics: 8/1

Justine Skye & Her Sensual ‘Flames’

Justine Skye X Forever 21 “You keep on coming back to me, I don’t know how to act I don

BeFlow Tells You Why “iM GreaT”

[Song]: iM GreaT [Artist]: BeFlow Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production: 7.5/10 Lyrics: 8/10 Melody:

Doeman Takes It Up a Notch With “Level Up”

Coming off of a series of performances during and after SXSW, Doeman releases a new single called &

Wax Meets Paste: DJ IV’s “Paper Maché Muscle” Takes It Back for the Sake of the Art

Much like mixing water and flour, DJ IV mixes hip-hop and soul to create something solid. Ever hear

Julien Baker Gets Melodic in “Distant Solar Systems”

[Song]: Distant Solar Systems [Artist]: Julien Baker Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production: 8/10 Lyr

Matthew Clive Tells Us Why He Can’t Be Normal In The Six

[Album]: Why Can’t You Be Normal [Artist]: Matthew Clive Overall Grade/Rating: 7.2/10 Producti

Truthcity Was in the Studio While You Were Sleeping

[Album]: While You Were Sleeping [Artist]: Truthcity Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production: 7/10 Lyr

Don’t Sleep On Jidenna’s Eclectic Debut ‘The Chief’

[Album]: The Chief [Artist]: Jidenna Overall Grade/Rating: 7.8/10 Production: 8/10 Lyrics: 7/10 Melo

BeFlow Chases Greatness On Latest Mixtape

[Album]: Chasin’ Greatness [Artist]: Beflow Overall Grade/Rating: 8.7/10 Production: 9 Lyrics:

Maggie Rogers Debut EP ‘Now That The Light Is Fading’ Out Now

[Album]: Now That The Light Is Fading EP [Artist]: Maggie Rogers Overall Grade/Rating: 9.3/10 Produc

Taylor Swift & ZAYN Show Their Darker Shades In Collaboration

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever review Today felt longer than yesterday. My heart was unusually col

Can’t Nobody Do It Better Than Christina Milian

Christina Milian Like Me review Its been a long day, and I blame Winter. The chilled season decided

Ki Breaux Dives In With ‘Deep Water’

Ki Breaux Deep Water Review Colorado-based artist Ki Breaux shows us what you can do with little in

Melodies Of A ♂irl Like Me

Do you relate to A ♂irl Like Me? I have this feeling that I’m constantly being unheard, whic

Listen To ORieL Explain Why What “People Say” Doesn’t Matter

Reggae artist ORieL has been cultivating his passion for music ever since he was a kid. He was a mem

You Keep Me Coming Back For More

06 If I Never See Your Face Again Review The one thought that changed my entire perspective on life

You Look So Dumb Right Now

05 Take A Bow Review So I’ve been trying to go to sleep for about an hour now, and no luck. Oh

Shut Up & Rock Your Heart Out

04 Shut Up And Drive Review Ready for an early afternoon adrenaline rush? I know I am, which is why

Come Mister DJ Song Pon De Replay

03 Pon De Replay Review You guys would be happy to hear that I’ve cured myself of the feels.

P.S I’m Still Not Over You

02 P.S. (I’m Still Not Over You) Review I hate starting my day late. You know how it goes; you

Sorrow In My Soul

01 Unfaithful Review  Today is a distant “friend?” of mines birthday; I think. As I pi

Aquilo Delivers Long-Awaited LP ‘Silhouettes’

[Album]: Silhouettes [Artist]: Aquilo Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production: A Lyrics: A Melody: B+

Kalvin Love’s Latest Single Is All About Surfing On “Emoceans”

[Song]: Emoceans [Artist]: Kalvin Love Overall Grade/Rating: A Production: B- Lyrics: A Melody: A- E

Watch Ed Sheeran’s Reflective Video for “Castle On The Hill”

Ed Sheeran remembers his younger self in the new video for “Castle On The Hill”. Sheeran

“Just Happy” by Uncle JoJo Is Neo-Soul With A Touch of Jazz and R&B

[Song]: Just Happy [Artist]: Uncle JoJo Overall Grade/Rating: 9 Production: A Lyrics: B Melody: A Ex

John Mayer Starts Ambitious New Album ‘The Search For Everything’

John Mayer releases the first four songs of his new album, The Search For Everything, in Wave One &#

Declan McKenna Impresses With “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home”

The 18 year old up and comer Declan McKenna prepares for a breakout year with “The Kids Don

SOHN Returns With Confidence On ‘Rennen’

[Album]: Rennen [Artist]: SOHN Overall Grade/Rating: B- or 7.5/10 Production: B Lyrics: A Melody: A

Song Of The Day: What You Won’t Do For Love- Tess Henley featuring Mycle Wastman

In September 2011 after releasing a deluxe edition of Easy to Love through Tower Records Japan, Tess

Skoobkiie Is Anything But Another “One of Those”

[Single]: One of Those [Artist]: Skoobkiie Tpor Corleone Overall Grade/Rating: A- Production: B Lyri

Colony House Hits New Heights On ‘Only The Lonely’

[Album]: Only The Lonely [Artist]: Colony House Overall Grade/Rating: A or 9/10 Production: A Lyrics

Denzel White’s Acclaimed Single And Video Will Get To You

[single]: Get To You [Artist]: Denzel White Overall Grade/Rating: A- Production: A Lyrics: A Melody:

Sit With Something In The Shade & Catch the Luu Breeze

[EP]: Something In The Shade EP [Artist]: Luu Breeze Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production: A Lyrics

Julien Baker Returns With New Single “Funeral Pyre”

After the surprising success of her debut album Sprained Ankle in 2015, Julien Baker starts 2017 wit

Let REXX Show You How ‘To Communicate’ With Their New EP

[EP]: To Communicate [Artist]: REXX Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production: A+ Lyrics: B Melody: A Ex

Don’t Sleep On The Skins’ New EP “Still Sleep”

[EP]: Still Sleep [Artist]: The Skins Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production: A- Lyrics: B+ Melody: A

J-Live Does Nothing But Tell The Truth On ‘At The Date Of This Writing (Vol.1)’

[Album]: At The Date Of This Writing (Vol.1) [Artist]: J-Live Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production:

’24K Magic’ for a Pyrite Year

Bruno Mars may have inadvertently saved us from depression in 2016 with his latest album. The Brunz

Childish Gambino’s ‘Awaken, My Love’ Is Vintage Soul And Psychedelic Funk

[Album]: Awaken, My Love [Artist]: Childish Gambino Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production: A Lyrics:

Brilliant Bluegrass w/ Carolina Chocolate Drops: ‘Leaving Eden’ #ThrowBackThursday

[Album]: Leaving Eden [Artist]: Carolina Chocolate Drops Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production: A+ L

Ryan Adams Announces New Album ‘Prisoner’ and New Single

Adams 15th solo album, Prisoner, will be released on February 17th. Ryan Adams is one of he most pro

A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service’ Is Super Fantastic

[Album]: We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service [Artist]: A Tribe Called Quest Overall

Colony House Releases “This Beautiful Life” From Upcoming Album

“This Beautiful Life” is the fourth song released from upcoming album Only The Lonely, s

Aloe Blacc And Exile Reunite As Emanon with “Dystopia”

[Album]: Dystopia [Artist]: Emanon Overall Grade/Rating: A- Production: A Lyrics: A Melody: B+ Execu

1,2,3,4 Meet The Poster Child Of Afro-folk

Stumbling upon Mirel Wagner’s music is like finding a $10 bill on the ground a week  before t

Truth Be Told Tai And Sunfreakz Fulfill All Your Dance Needs With New Single

“Truth Be Told” is the latest single from the Big Apple’s next rising star, Whitney Tai. Tai i

Omari Banks Expresses How Love Happens “Naturally”

Reggae recording artist Omari Banks hails from the beautiful island of Anguilla in the Caribbean. He

The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory Turns 20, Here Are 7 Facts About The Making Of The Album

20 years after 2Pac Shakur’s first posthumous release, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, his

Braxton Cook’s Latest is “Somewhere in Between” Beautiful and Wonderful

“Somewhere in Between” is the perfect title for Braxton Cook’s newest release because he makes

Andrew Belle Finds a Groove with ‘You”

“You” is the second single of Belle’s upcoming third studio album. Andrew Belle lo

J-Shin Sparks a Love Revival with His New Single “Lips”

With poise and a timeless quality to his voice, J-shine delivers a much-needed message for the times

Lady Gaga gets raw on new album, “Joanne”

[Album]: Joanne [Artist]: Lady Gaga Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10/A Production: A++ Lyrics: A++ Mel

Julien Baker and Caroline Says Shine on Tribute to Elliott Smith

An all-star indie lineup pays tribute to one of indie-folk’s most influential artists on Say Y

Run River North Reaches New Heights on “Drinking from a Salt Pond”

[Album]: Drinking from a Salt Pond [Artist]: Run River North Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 or B+ Produ

Bruno Mars New Single “24K Magic” is What We’ve Been Waiting For!

Break out your silk shorts and boat shoes – Bruno Mars just dropped a new single, “24K M

Francis and the Lights Step Out Of The Shadows With “Farewell, Starlite!”

[Album]: Farewell, Starlite! [Artist]: Francis and the Lights Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production

Kid Cudi ‘Surfin’ ft. Pharrell Williams

Surfin’ Review I’m not really familiar with Kid Cudi‘s music so I apologize if I c

Bad Suns Experiments on Sophomore Album “Disappear Here”

[Album]: Disappear Here [Artist]: Bad Suns Overall Grade/Rating: A or 9/10 Production: A Lyrics: B+

ScHoolboy Q’s ‘Blank Face LP’ Is Still One Of The Best Of 2016

[Album]: Blank Face LP [Artist]: ScHoolboy Q Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production: A Lyrics: A- Mel

Handsome Ghost Creates New Pop Sound On “The Brilliant Glow”

If “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and Halsey is just a little too EDM for your taste, then Handsom

Lloyd ‘Cookie’ Willacy Reveals The State Of Our World’s Problems On ‘Tipping Point’

Lloyd ‘Cookie’ Willacy is here to remind us all of what’s really going on out ther

#ThrowbackThursday 10 Great Albums Overlooked in 2015

Like every year, lots of great new music was released in 2015. Some great music grabbed attention, t

SOHN Reintroduces Himself with “Signal”

For the first time since 2014, we have new music from SOHN with the release of “Signal.” The Lon

Ready To Breakout, Colony House sets up “Only The Lonely”

Caleb and Will Chapman are very familiar to success, growing up watching their father, Steven Curtis

AlunaGeorge: Let This Electronic Music Duo Be Your ‘Mediator’

Aluna Francis and George Reid are AlunaGeorge – a music duo that combines elements of electron

Sarah C. is a ‘Safe’ Bet for Soul Music

Whoever said R&B and Soul music were dead has never heard of Sarah C. Des’ree, Joss Stone, Ade

James Vincent McMorrow Steps Into The Spotlight with “We Move”

After spending two albums in the shadow of Bon Iver and James Blake, the R&B infused falsetto of

Love Jump Riddim! Six Tunes, Six Distinct Styles

Vibes have never gone lacking in reggae music, and Upsetta Music x Flow Productions’ latest a

Frank Ocean Returns With Modesty And Beauty With ‘Blonde’

Singer/songwriter Frank Ocean is back, delivering a stripped-down, experimental approach to pop, R&a

Hidinin’s Cheery, But Not So Cheery Debut “Free But Hollow”

Swedish pop duo HIDININ’s new single Free but Hollow is anything but… hollow. The KADAWATHA band

10 Remixes/Covers That Are Better Than the Original

You can’t rush perfection, and as these remixes and covers prove, sometimes you can’t even manag

Mountains Like Wax Leads Promising Group Of New Nashville Artists: Tetralogy EP Review

During the course of Nashville’s indie radio station Lightning 100’s battle of the bands, Music

Bon Iver Picks Up Right Where They Left Off

It’s been a confusing week for music. Coming to terms with Frank Ocean’s visual album, C

Open Your Ears & Join The ‘PARTYNEXTDOOR’ P3 Album Review

PARTYNEXTDOOR has been quietly creeping along way the music industry, and after all his quiet steppi

Come and Take a Ride with Rudy on Her New Single, “Saddle Up”

If you can’t turn up to soca music, check your pulse. This banger is an instant hit…with special

LYA is Changing the Face of Christian Music

There’s a new band on the Christian alternative scene, and LYA is its name. As a self-proclaimed

You’ll Catch Heavy Feels With Dream Pop : LANY

LANY – ILYSB | AllSaints Studios from AllSaints on Vimeo. It is both a blessing and a curse to

Dancehall Sensation Alandon’s “Movie” Is All Big Bang

“Movie,” the new single by dance hall artist and Waterhouse, Jamaican native Alandon featuring N

Japanese Breakfast’s Lead Single off “Psychopomp” is a Heavenly Delight

Soft-spoken pop sensation Japanese Breakfast gives listeners a piece of Heaven with the lead single

Spring King Hits Hard In ‘Rectifier’

Spring King feels like a lo-fi California rock  band with a splash of pop, shaken, and definitely n

Newcomers The Friends Make More than Just “Sh**** Elevator Music”

The sound quality is horrible, the singing has a happy hour, karaoke appeal to it, but there’s som

Westside Baby Apex’s secondhand Cannabis Smoke Is Felt From London On Latest EP “Lordvibes”

20-year-old “Westside baby” of London, England, Lord Apex, joins forces with up and coming produ

Jaylien: Summer’s Over

Newly kicking off his solo career in 2015 when FADER premiered his new music video for his debut sin

AraabMuzik’s Has Something For Everyone In His Dream World

Abraham Orellana better known as AraabMuzik, has been a constant in the music production community s

Nadia Marisa Gets Us in the Mood for “Summer”

London-based ‘blue-eyed soul’ singer Nadia Marisa just released her single, “Summer,” and it

Perro Volador’s New Album “Hasta el Ultimo Centavo” is Bueno!

“Don’t cry for me Argentina!” That quote has nothing to do with anything in this write up (wel

Levi Carter- Rapper Or Trapper

Listening to Levi Carter album- Antisocial, the only thing that came to mind was rappers Cheif Keef


Summer is in full swing, and already the music industry has had some major releases from Beyonce, Ch

Roy Wood$ Doesn’t Quite Wake Up at Dawn

With his debut album as OVO Sound’s youngest signee, Roy Wood$ was sure to feel the pressure on th

Erykah Badu’s New Joint for the Class of 2016

The class of 2016 has even more reason to celebrate because Ms. Badu dropped a new slow jam on her

Alchemical Opposites: TOP 10 Artists We’re Waiting To See Collaborate…But Probably Won’t

Has anyone noticed how many of the older flames of music releasing new music like its candy? Whats

DJ Sultan and Elephant Man Connect To Keep The Party Live

If we know anything for a fact, it’s that Elephant Man has the uncanny ability to light any song u

Late Rapper Charizma Would Have Turned 43 Years Old This Month, Here’s A Smirk And A Toast To His Posthumous Debut, Big Shots

Big Shots was the Posthumous release by Charles Hicks, otherwise known as Charizma. The Bay Area rap

Cash Cash’s Music Makes Us Feel Like Millionaires

Electronic group Cash Cash’s song “Millionaire” infuses the perfect mix of a hip hop theme wi

Thirsty Thursday: Tired of Drinking Lemonade? Try Some COOLAID

Our thirst for new music has grown tremendously and now it seems as though we can never get hydrated

Dash Wata – Raging Fyah

Forming in 2006 with just five members: Anthony Watson (Drums), Courtland White (Guitar), Demar Gayl


You’ve heard of Young M.A, You’ve heard of Siya, You’ve even heard of Jimmi Montan

Local Natives Set To Return With Sunlit Youth

After gaining attention, from the their 1st and 2nd albums, Gorilla Manor and Hummingbird, it seems

Freedom Fry Cooks Up an International Version Of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

How about a bowl of Tomatillo soup along with with a croissant, and some Nirvana on the side? Freedo

No Malice returns with “Jesus Christ”

Reminiscent of hip-hop and rap days long past, there’s new music from No Malice. Whether or not th

August Rigo: The Break-Up Songs

Newly releasing his EP entitled The Fall Out this Toronto, Canada native has worked with numerous ar


Techno label Lobster Theremin is preparing to release Ross From Friend’s second EP in July. The le

Desiigner’s New English, is the Same Formula (Album Review)

After spending an unprecedented 17 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Panda”, debuted at #96 a

Ro James and his EL DORADO Rides Short, But Sweet

The latest addition to the discography of Ro James, comes in his debut album, EL DORADO. Staying tru

James Blake Colors in… Everything

Coming off of 2 features from Beyonce’s Lemonade, James Blake returns with the follow-up to his Ov


Throw back Thursday is in full effect, and to help wet the appetite for the weekend we have a nice c

Shy Girls Will Make You Blush

Blue-eyed soul is a real thing… It’s that feeling you get when you know you’ve been somewhere

Top 10 R&B Artists To Watch This Summer

The summer is approaching, and I know we get tired of listening to the same artists every year. Here


Erase Da Kritic is the latest release from Be-Flow, an up and coming rapper who’s out to prove

Hannah Jane Lewis – Another Synth – Pop sensation.

Following up from her single “Why Start A War,” Hannah J Lewis introduces another synth

WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Where Does Emotion In Music Come From?

A couple of questions have been on my mind for quite a while now. Want to know what those questions


The third release from Montreal rock band Suuns, Hold/Still, is a psychedelic journey where metal me

Soul of Sherif’s “Grapevine” and the Power of Lyrics

“Don’t ever call me a conscious rapper/I’ll knock you unconscious for saying that type of stat

Grunge Band Summerhouse Bringing Back The Spirit Of The Early 90’s With Their Self Titled Debut

Recently, Manchester, UK band Summerhouse put forth a debut self-titled Summerhouse. The 5 track EP

Elctro-pop Sensation Glitter Wasteland Releases “Cold War” As A Nice Teaser Before The Release Of Their New EP Next Month

There’s only a few weeks left before Glitter Wasted releases their latest endeavor, EP1. The lead

Mons Vi Delivers Political Messages through Shoegaze Tunes On Latest EP American C.R.E.A.M.// Worth It

Shoegaze band Mons Vi’s latest EP American C.R.E.A.M.// Worth It is two tracks packed with kick ba

T.I. Still Receiving Backlash From Troy Ave Shooting Incident

Rapper/actor T.I. is still reeling from a shootout that erupted at his concert on May 25. Up and com

Westcoast Female Beatmaker Linafornia Makes History with Debut LP, Yung

Cali beatmaker Linafornia debuts in 2016 with her  LP Yung. The album features12 tracks that demons

Rapper and Activist The ACTUAL Tanis Talks About Recent Arrest, Affiliation With MGK, And Much More

Hiphop artist/poet/activist Tanis recently sat down to talk with on one rainy and

Vinyl Records Vs. Compact Disc: Why Vinyl Sales Are Increasing?

Who says physical music is dead? The number of records sold in the U.S in 2015 was just under 12 mil

The Megastar Plight: Success, Popularity, And The Down Side To Fame

Tell me… for those of you who spend eight hours a day confined to a cubicle, what do you daydream


In honor of the legendary entertainer Janet Jackson’s 50th Birthday, Music Monday’s tra

Award Shows: Are They Really For The Music Or For Celebrity Gossip And Fashion?

Lets reminisce back to 1985 when Tina Turner amazed the audience with her performance to her song &#

Political Expression Through Art: The “Donald Trump’s Nightmare” Cypher

“Straight Outta Options,” as one meme circulating around social media reads. The meme features b

J.D. Nero Brooklyn’s underground MC

What started off as a casual conversation with underground rap artist J.D. Nero and myself via. Inst

Kehlani Has A Message to Her Haters with New Song, “24/7”

We hear you, girl. I was super disappointed with the entire Internet to see R&B artist Kehlani b

10 Songs to Help You “Take a Nap” if You’re Too Woke

Music is supposed to help you escape, right? Check out these chill tracks to smooth out. There’s s

Had Enough Lemonade? Grab A Bite To Eat With Scienze’s Latest Release, Good Food

Have you had enough Lemonade? Half the staff here at Iamtheindustry has, and we’re ready to grab a

Don’t Believe The Hype: It’s Not Really Cool To Be Different

This week has been one of the busiest weeks in the music industry this year. Two industry titans fac

The Diva Triumvirate Of Pop: Beyonce, Rihanna, And Taylor Swift

This week the home girl Tinashe was Debo’d by Rihanna. reported that playgirl Tinashe

15 Greatest Hip-Hop Beats

If you’re anything like myself, you’re really fascinated with beats. Country beats, pop

NAO, the modern Jazz vocalist.

Studying vocal Jazz at the Guildhall School Of Music & Drama in London; this England native was

International Beatmaker Lovibe Soon To Make His Name Known In The States With Ambitious Work Ethic

Up-and-coming beat maker Lovibe is not your typical producer. The creative is apart of the new wave

Luke Christopher: Original or mimic?

22-year-old Rapper, Singer – Songwriter; Luke Christopher is rising to the top on the billboard ch

Random: If Nirvana Was A Band Today They Would Have 500 Plus Followers On Instagram, a Soundcloud, and a Bandcamp; Most People Wouldn’t Know Who They Are

April should be national Nirvana month. A lot of big things happened in the history of the band duri

Underrated Artistry of Mainstream

I’m an 80’s baby, but the 90’s raised me. I grew up listening to musicians such as

A Moment In Music History: A.R. Kane And the Birth Of Dream Pop

Londoners Alex Ayuli and Rudy Tambala officially formed A.R. Kane in late 1985. Tambala once describ

Phonte Coleman’s Little Brothers: Drake and Kanye West

It’s official that Drake and Kanye are merely mini-mes, they have the best beats, and isms; nevert

Josh Xantus Is Golden

Josh Xantus, which means golden in Greek, had already captured the eyes, and ears of artist such as:

Craft Spells Makes Your MDMA Experience More Meaningful With Latest Release: Midnight Render (Nausea Rebuild)

Craft Spells is waving their magic wand once again after over a year since their last endeavor. The

Kendrick Wins Big – Fans Take An L

Aside from Kendrick’s very schizotypal performance, the main concern here is how the Grammy commit