Single Reviews

Kylie Spence Shows Promise With “Lying Eyes”

Newcomer Kylie Spence lets her voice control the production on her debut single “Lying Eyes

Culture Wars brings a culture shock with new single

Culture Wars blasts our culture with the new single “Money (Gimmie, Gimmie).” Culture Wa

The Generationals keep 80’s pop alive with “Mythical”

Generationals release “Mythical” and give 80’s pop an upgrade Indie band the Gene

Truthcity Wants ‘Everything Black’

[Single]: Everything Black [Artist]: Truthcity Overall Grade/Rating: 8.9/10 Production: 8.5/10 Lyric

Homeshake Makes A Song That’s ‘So She’

[Single]: So She [Artist]: Homeshake Overall Grade/Rating: 7.8/10 Production: 8/10 Lyrics: 7/10 Melo

Iamchelseaiam Ditches The ‘Pity Party’

[Single]: Pity Party [Artist]: Iamchelseaiam Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production: 8/10 Lyrics: 8/1

BeFlow Tells You Why “iM GreaT”

[Song]: iM GreaT [Artist]: BeFlow Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production: 7.5/10 Lyrics: 8/10 Melody:

Doeman Takes It Up a Notch With “Level Up”

Coming off of a series of performances during and after SXSW, Doeman releases a new single called &

Julien Baker Gets Melodic in “Distant Solar Systems”

[Song]: Distant Solar Systems [Artist]: Julien Baker Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production: 8/10 Lyr

Listen To ORieL Explain Why What “People Say” Doesn’t Matter

Reggae artist ORieL has been cultivating his passion for music ever since he was a kid. He was a mem

Kalvin Love’s Latest Single Is All About Surfing On “Emoceans”

[Song]: Emoceans [Artist]: Kalvin Love Overall Grade/Rating: A Production: B- Lyrics: A Melody: A- E

Watch Ed Sheeran’s Reflective Video for “Castle On The Hill”

Ed Sheeran remembers his younger self in the new video for “Castle On The Hill”. Sheeran

“Just Happy” by Uncle JoJo Is Neo-Soul With A Touch of Jazz and R&B

[Song]: Just Happy [Artist]: Uncle JoJo Overall Grade/Rating: 9 Production: A Lyrics: B Melody: A Ex

Declan McKenna Impresses With “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home”

The 18 year old up and comer Declan McKenna prepares for a breakout year with “The Kids Don

Song Of The Day: What You Won’t Do For Love- Tess Henley featuring Mycle Wastman

In September 2011 after releasing a deluxe edition of Easy to Love through Tower Records Japan, Tess

Skoobkiie Is Anything But Another “One of Those”

[Single]: One of Those [Artist]: Skoobkiie Tpor Corleone Overall Grade/Rating: A- Production: B Lyri

Denzel White’s Acclaimed Single And Video Will Get To You

[single]: Get To You [Artist]: Denzel White Overall Grade/Rating: A- Production: A Lyrics: A Melody:

Julien Baker Returns With New Single “Funeral Pyre”

After the surprising success of her debut album Sprained Ankle in 2015, Julien Baker starts 2017 wit

Ryan Adams Announces New Album ‘Prisoner’ and New Single

Adams 15th solo album, Prisoner, will be released on February 17th. Ryan Adams is one of he most pro

Colony House Releases “This Beautiful Life” From Upcoming Album

“This Beautiful Life” is the fourth song released from upcoming album Only The Lonely, s

Truth Be Told Tai And Sunfreakz Fulfill All Your Dance Needs With New Single

“Truth Be Told” is the latest single from the Big Apple’s next rising star, Whitney Tai. Tai i

Omari Banks Expresses How Love Happens “Naturally”

Reggae recording artist Omari Banks hails from the beautiful island of Anguilla in the Caribbean. He

Braxton Cook’s Latest is “Somewhere in Between” Beautiful and Wonderful

“Somewhere in Between” is the perfect title for Braxton Cook’s newest release because he makes

Andrew Belle Finds a Groove with ‘You”

“You” is the second single of Belle’s upcoming third studio album. Andrew Belle lo

Bruno Mars New Single “24K Magic” is What We’ve Been Waiting For!

Break out your silk shorts and boat shoes – Bruno Mars just dropped a new single, “24K M

Lloyd ‘Cookie’ Willacy Reveals The State Of Our World’s Problems On ‘Tipping Point’

Lloyd ‘Cookie’ Willacy is here to remind us all of what’s really going on out ther

SOHN Reintroduces Himself with “Signal”

For the first time since 2014, we have new music from SOHN with the release of “Signal.” The Lon

Ready To Breakout, Colony House sets up “Only The Lonely”

Caleb and Will Chapman are very familiar to success, growing up watching their father, Steven Curtis

AlunaGeorge: Let This Electronic Music Duo Be Your ‘Mediator’

Aluna Francis and George Reid are AlunaGeorge – a music duo that combines elements of electron

Sarah C. is a ‘Safe’ Bet for Soul Music

Whoever said R&B and Soul music were dead has never heard of Sarah C. Des’ree, Joss Stone, Ade

Come and Take a Ride with Rudy on Her New Single, “Saddle Up”

If you can’t turn up to soca music, check your pulse. This banger is an instant hit…with special

LYA is Changing the Face of Christian Music

There’s a new band on the Christian alternative scene, and LYA is its name. As a self-proclaimed

Dancehall Sensation Alandon’s “Movie” Is All Big Bang

“Movie,” the new single by dance hall artist and Waterhouse, Jamaican native Alandon featuring N

Spring King Hits Hard In ‘Rectifier’

Spring King feels like a lo-fi California rock  band with a splash of pop, shaken, and definitely n

Nadia Marisa Gets Us in the Mood for “Summer”

London-based ‘blue-eyed soul’ singer Nadia Marisa just released her single, “Summer,” and it

DJ Sultan and Elephant Man Connect To Keep The Party Live

If we know anything for a fact, it’s that Elephant Man has the uncanny ability to light any song u

Cash Cash’s Music Makes Us Feel Like Millionaires

Electronic group Cash Cash’s song “Millionaire” infuses the perfect mix of a hip hop theme wi

Dash Wata – Raging Fyah

Forming in 2006 with just five members: Anthony Watson (Drums), Courtland White (Guitar), Demar Gayl

Local Natives Set To Return With Sunlit Youth

After gaining attention, from the their 1st and 2nd albums, Gorilla Manor and Hummingbird, it seems

No Malice returns with “Jesus Christ”

Reminiscent of hip-hop and rap days long past, there’s new music from No Malice. Whether or not th