Brittany Nacole Lives Out Her Saturdays In A ‘Daze’

Multi-talented soul singer Brittany Nacole celebrates the most coveted day of the week on her most latest single, &

Homeshake Makes A Song That’s ‘So She’

[Single]: So She [Artist]: Homeshake Overall Grade/Rating: 7.8/10 Production: 8/10 Lyrics: 7/10 Melody: 9/10 Execut

Wax Meets Paste: DJ IV’s “Paper Maché Muscle” Takes It Back for the Sake of the Art

Much like mixing water and flour, DJ IV mixes hip-hop and soul to create something solid. Ever hear people talk abo

Curtis Harding

[Song]: Heaven’s On The Other Side Reminiscent of 70’s soul, Curtis Harding gives us a groovy bass line

IATI on Location: SXSW (Day One)

Hope here in Austin, TX giving you the scoop on South by Southwest Conference and Festival (SXSW) 2017! South by So

How to Succeed in Music If You’re Trash: A Guide for the Untalented (Part I)

This past year has seen a lot of awful acts make a lot of money in music. I’ll let you in on how they’re doing

Thundercat Returns With “Show You The Way”

The soulful and funky Thundercat has returned, gearing up for a new release. Following his EP from 2015, The Beyond

“Just Happy” by Uncle JoJo Is Neo-Soul With A Touch of Jazz and R&B

[Song]: Just Happy [Artist]: Uncle JoJo Overall Grade/Rating: 9 Production: A Lyrics: B Melody: A Execution: A Subj

Song Of The Day: What You Won’t Do For Love- Tess Henley featuring Mycle Wastman

In September 2011 after releasing a deluxe edition of Easy to Love through Tower Records Japan, Tess released a 7&#

TEO ‘Disposable’ – Stream It Now

Start your year off with some euphoric sonic waves by TEO. After reinventing his sound TEO debuts his latest single

Don’t Sleep On The Skins’ New EP “Still Sleep”

[EP]: Still Sleep [Artist]: The Skins Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production: A- Lyrics: B+ Melody: A- Execution: A

Chicago’s Lili K Is Showing Us That Women Are “Magic”

Lili K is really starting to blow up and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Last year, Tidal named Lili K as their