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[Song]: Love & Affection Daley tenderly opens this song and immediately makes you feel like you’re in love ironically with his lyric, “I am not in love…” With minimal music in the background, the song gives you an acoustic…

Curtis Harding
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Curtis Harding

[Song]: Heaven’s On The Other Side Reminiscent of 70’s soul, Curtis Harding gives us a groovy bass line, vibrant horns and a melody that drives this track to it’s brilliance. Curtis Harding fuses the passion and intensity of classic…

Adobe Spark (23)
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A Music Artist Is Animalistic By Nature

Colors trigger animal instinct Whenever I put finger to keyboard, confidence becomes faith, in my perception. I type away blindly with faith that a higher power is on my side for good intent. I become convinced that if I…

These Artists Are Rumored To Be On Gorillaz New Album
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These Artists Are Rumored To Be On Gorillaz New Album

We haven’t heard new material from Gorillaz since 2010 with their album Plastic Beach. The Damon Albarn-fronted has been teasing some new music over the last few months, however. They’re definitely gearing up for an album release this year.…

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Ronald Klump Takes A Punch At Uncle SNoop

Snoop Dogg is in hot water after  the release of his recent music video, “lavender,” that depicts the Donald Trump as a clown named Ronald Klump. In one scene, Snoop is shown pointing a gun at the character Klump…